What an amazing party this has been!! We're still making our way around to you guys and it might take us a few weeks or so but we know all of you worked hard on your posts and we don't want to miss them. We know there are links on the sidebar without a PM post and we understand that sometimes people forget.

Thank you to everyone who notified us ahead of time about not being able to participate. The people that left a comment on the party day post have all left their actual party links so it's easier to go through that list than the one on the sidebar. This is a permanent page and if anyone would still like to add a party post just add it in the comment section below.

We thank all of you that shared your amazing talent and creativity with us. We still can't believe how many of you also love this film. We have made lots of new friends and hope to see you drop by our blogs often.

Have a beautiful and magical season! ....Anna & Justina



Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

I just "Flew in" to leave my link... Here it is...

Anonymous said...

just flew over on my broom stick to pick up the link, you guys are early! such a great movie, what a fun idea! got a giveaway as well, look forward to seeing you in magicland.
my practical magic giveaway post

BLISS angels said...

The Spells are brewing at http://blissangels.blogspot.com


Kat the hat lady! said...

Hi been looking forward to this all week, please visit my blog page and see my miniature version of Aunt Fran's hat. Please feel free to leave a message and join my blog page :-). Well I am off to fly my broom! Kat :-)


Kat the hat lady! said...

Me again sorry I should have put http://katthehatlady.blogspot.com/2010/09/practical-magic-online-party-please.html

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy yourselves.

Kat the hat lady xxxxxxx

Kim said...

The circle is cast at....

I'm giving my actual blog address because the post under the Practical Magic post is a Halloween Giveaway!

Bright Blessings! xoxo

CIELO said...

Witches witches brujas brujas!! ;) Here is my linky! http://houseinroses.blogspot.com/2010/09/practical-magic-bloggers-party.html


Anonymous said...

I am having computer troubles so had to do an abbreviated post, and now part of it is bewitched and not working. I apologize.
Please visit me anyhow

I will get around slowly but plan to visit you all.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I hope it's okay we are having chocolate cupcakes instead of brownies. I am sure all the very special visitors won't mind. Hehe.. thanks again for hosting this fabulous day. ~ Lynn @thevintagenest

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Oops...here is my link:


xoxo Lynn @thevintagenest

Kelli said...

Ok mine is up and going! Come on over and sit a spell!!


Birgit said...


I hope I am not too late for the fun -- I haven't sent a note or made a comment before. Thus I am not included in the list of party participants. Anyway, I made a blog post nonetheless and it can be found here:


Greetings from Munich,
Swapping Howdies

Jorgelina said...

Here is my link!


Aisha said...

Hi Witches!!!
I love this idea so much!!
Here's my link and there will be another one up tomorrow also YAYAY!!


Hope to see you all Love and Many Bright Blessings on this Mabon weekend!!!

Diana Cohen said...

Love being a part of this!!



Jo said...

Oops! I believe my link is in a comment on the previous post! Here it is again: http://justdigginaround.blogspot.com/2010/09/enchanted-garden-party.html

Jennifer said...

Since I have to work tomorrow, I posted my tribute to this special movie :) I will visit and comment as soon as I get home and make the time to sit with some Witches Brew!

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Marguarita in hand - cheers to all that are participating - I will try to visit each site in celebration!

Leanne said...

The graveyard cake is decorated - witches fingers are made - all is going to plan so far.

Teresa said...

Did someone say chocolate?

The margaritas are flying out the door and I'm off to get more ice . . . come by and visit

Blessed Be!

Birch said...

cant wait!


you can call me Tawny.... said...

Okay... its up and going!


tomorrow is brownies for breakfast!

Laura said...

My post is up. I can't wait to spend all day checking out everyone's posts. :)



Willow Silverhorse said...

My post was up earlier but I almost forgot to comment here lol... I'll be checking out everyone's tonight and tomorrow.


tricia said...

Whoopee!!!!!! It's finally here!!! Come over to my site for midnight margaritas and brownies, can't wait to see all of you!

Here's the address, http:www.triciafountainedesign.com/blog/2010/09/the-practical-magic-looking-glass-trip/

tricia said...

Oops I forgot to mention my blog spot is called correspondance with the muses but it is really part of my design web site tricia fountaine design

Daydreamer :) said...

I'll see you all tomorrow! :D

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what everyone does (well as many as I can anyway! lol). Here's the link to my post.

Sweet Cupcakes By Courtney said...

Wordpress is down!! Which they host my blog, As soon as they are back up I will do my post!

Tomorrow the plan is to update my post all day tomorrow.. I am going to be watching the movie tomorrow! I am will post around midnight as soon as I can!! Then I will come back and post my link!! I can't wait to see everyones posts!!

Happy Blogging

Whisperings 13 said...

Bright Blessings to all!

Anonymous said...


Hi wordpress is back up!! I posted from my cupcake blog a while ago.. the link above is the post for the party!

do enjoy!

Anna @ Frosted Petunias said...

I'm popping in to say hi! You guys are so AMAZING! Luna and I have been hopping around on our broom and I love everything you guys are doing. And goodness it's only the night before! We're off to visit some more.

Visit me in the witch's attic...

Kelly said...

Thank you so much for hosting the party. My post is up! Now I am flying off to everyone else's blogs!


Hugs, Kelly

Scrap Vamp said...

Greeting, ladies! Lots of magick and margaritas tonight! Here is the link to my post. I am also having a giveaway!


Paula said...

I'm here activating the phone tree, asking you all to stop by - and please bring your brooms!


Feathers and Flight said...

Good Evening Ladies! Is it Margarita Time yet? Hope you Stop By for a Visit!

Caya-Papaya said...

What an evening... hopefully this will cheer me up! Here is my contribution! Excited to visit everyone tomorrow evening:-)

Anonymous said...

Set your broom down and grab a margarita...I'm ready! Had so much fun putting this together! Hope you have a chance to visit! And don't miss this special treat HERE----> bit.ly/dfNuwb

xoxo Valerie


Shayleah said...

Come explore garden crafts, edible flower recipes, and more in the Owens' magickal garden!


Sparkster said...

I can't wait to see what everyone has created. If you're interested in seeing a grimoire of love or perhaps a piece of jewelry one of the Owen's sisters would have enjoyed wearing, make sure to stop by my place. There just might be something special there waiting to go home with you. ;)


Pop Art Minis said...

Practical Magic inspired potion bottles full of Magic, Dreams and Wishes! Hope you'll fly by and check out these little bottles inspired by the Love Potion scene in the movie! Happy Flying! http://popartminis.blogspot.com/2010/09/practical-magic-inspired-potion.html

Susan's crafty chaos said...

Good day lovely ladies! I've just got up (I knew I wouldn't be awake for the beginning of the party) and this post reminded me that I meant to post a give-away on my post too, but I got so focused on working out time zones that I forgot about that part :(
But, after the party, I'll put the names of the commenters in a cauldron and see which one bubbles to the top first, and that person will get to choose three free items from my shop.
Thanks so much for hosting this, I visited some of the creations yesterday, and they've all been magical :D
Click here for a direct link to my post
Or use this url:

Cellar Door said...

Twice already I have made deep breaths into a paper sack, as a steady Practical Magic Blog Party excitement courses through me! (Most definitely today you are familiar with that same feel, I suspect? lol!) This truly calls for a hardy and hearty SECOND piece of choclate cake for breakfast! (<~~ Please and thank you DO come my blog's way for the see~whys and wherefores: Cellar Door's Practical Magic Blog Party participation titled "Some Incanted Evening, When You Find Your True Love...", because the more, the merrier!)

POSTSCRIPT: An abundance of thank~yous, Frosted Petunias and La Boheme Magique, for this enchanting day!

Samantha Marshall said...

My post is up!!Party at my place-http://www.artjunket.blogspot.com/

Susan's crafty chaos said...

So many wonderful posts! Thank you to all who've listed already, I will keep checking back. Tricia, I'm so sorry, but I can't seem to leave a comment on your post. I loved it, and you look FANTABULOUS with wings :D

Evelyn's Wonderland said...

Just did my post but I must fly to work now but will be back tonight to visit all of the other wonderful participants. Wishing you a magical day!


~Evelyn from Evelyn's Wonderland

Lisa said...

Yay! I finally got my post up this morning. :) Thank you for such a fun time. http://groggyfroggy.blogspot.com/2010/09/practical-magic-blog-party-post-2010.html

apinkdreamer said...

hi witches!!!!please join my magic fairy witch party!!!!

Sarah said...

Ooooooo so much fun..thank you for all of your hard work... here is the direct link for Cottage Garden Studios.. http://rowenleaf.blogspot.com/2010/09/practical-magic-fall-party.html
Blessings and pass the tequila!!

Aija said...

Love this idea of a blog party!!
Here is my link:

jaz@octoberfarm said...

This is so much fun!

to see the original spellbook visit me at:


Zan Asha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Susan said...

I jumped off the roof in my maryjanes and striped socks to deliver this :)


Sarah said...

The day is finally here! :D
my post is here: http://fragmentsofsarah.blogspot.com/2010/09/practical-magic-blog-party.html

Zan Asha said...

Hello Ladies, what fun conjuring! Yikes...my link didn't work properly!

Here is the link to "The Witch's Brew": http://vagabondcreations.blogspot.com/2010/09/practical-magic-blog-party_25.html

Susan said...

where is the party post, it still says thursday 9/23 when I come here.
sorry, I have been up most of the night working on my blog post, so I may not have all my marbles in place, LOL!

Kiki said...

Heart of a Wizardess


Wishing everyone a magical day..and thanks for hosting this dazzling affair!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

I was so looking forward to reading/Commenting in all the "PM" Party posts.

And I must say, it's very disapointing to find that many signed up, and are not participating. Especially when you specifically asked people to NOT do this.

I didn't have the creativity to make a special post for Sept. 25th... So I did not put my blog, on the Participating Blog Roll. But have been advertising the Party, and do so in my Sept. 25th post, as well.

You ladies did work, to put this Blog Party together! And I think you are owed an apology, by those who signed up, and didn't participate.


Gentle hugs,
"Sweet Aunt Bridget" for the day

Designs by Blanche said...

Delightfully Magical!


Thanks so much for hosting this!


Linda said...

Have a happy Party everyone Linda :)

Kat the hat lady! said...

Great party! I am meeting some lovely people today.
Please remember the time lines between countries so some of us will be popping in to party though maybe a bit later in the day ;-).

blue china studio said...

I'm dong this in 3 parts today so check back in later for more.

Here is the link for Part 1.


Doe: said...

Here is my academic contribution to the party! Hopefully next year I won't be traveling and can create a fun and thoughtful NON-academic contribution!


Aisha said...

Hey, I did another post for this even and here are the links:

Both posts are on the first page.
Thanks so much
Blessed Be!!

Lenora said...

We just got the invite yesterday but my young fairy witch who is 10 was so into it i could not say no! Yesterday we posted yur button, invited everybody and got our post up - thanx it was so much fun - now to go party hopping! http://lenorita-lenoramoore.blogspot.com/2010/09/practical-magic-blogparty-2010.html#comments

Kathy said...

Sure will pray for her - thanks for hosting such a fun party,

Kat the hat lady! said...

Thank you so much for all of you who have visited my blog page already :-). I am popping off line for a few hours for some chocolate brownies and to make some witches hats! Please continue to visit and leave comments, when I come back on line tonight I shall post all comments(nice ones ha ha!) and visit your blog sites :-). Enjoy the party, Kat the hat lady


Birgit said...

Hi there,

I have already posted my link, but this link brings you right to my page without first having to do all that cut and paste work:

My Practical Magic post

Have fun,

blue china studio said...

Here is my Part 2. Check in later for Part 3.


I look forward to seeing you!

Layla Morgan Wilde said...

My cats have jumped on my broomstick and we're flitting about from THE BOOMER MUSE to visit you!http://blog.laylamorganwilde.com

Susan's crafty chaos said...

LOL, ok, I've visited every blog so far, and it's been wonderful, but I do have to get off the pc and pay just a bit of attention to hubby and the cats, I'll be back later, thank you so much to all of you for sharing your wonderful posts :D

Leah said...

Adding my project to the party!

Designs by Blanche said...

I just added a giveaway!

Blanche's Practical Magic Party Post


Magaly Guerrero said...

Here I am, adding Pagan Culture to the fun! Now I'm going blog hopping now! Can't wait to read you!

This is the link to my Practical Magic fun: http://pagan-culture.blogspot.com/2010/09/real-witch-makes-friends-with-weeds.html

Jo said...

Oh dear, I've either eaten too many brownies & chocolate cake, had too many margarita's or have motion sickness from all of this blog hopping via my trusty broom! But it's all such Fun! I'll rest tomorrow. (link above but here it is again, http://justdigginaround.blogspot.com/2010/09/enchanted-garden-party.html )

Willow said...

I'm having a giveaway in honor os Sally's Bath Shop and the Blog Party!

Check it out: http://greenwillowwitch.blogspot.com/2010/09/my-first-giveaway-feature-fairy.html

Happy Partying!

Jeannette said...

I'm her with my link and a thank you for hosting such a fun party.So very happy to be a part of it.


Elysian Field Originals said...

Just zig-zagged in on my broom to leave my post. I've eaten too many brownies and had a tad too many margaritas but I am having fun visiting and commenting on all of your blogs. *hiccups*
Don't forget to leave a comment for my Bat Earring giveaway!!!

Kandes Naylor said...

Cackle, cackle ...
Double, double toil and trouble
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

Come visit for a witchy give away ...

Anonymous said...

Thank you both so much for hosting this party, I'm having such a great time!

Here's the link you asked for.


Buccaneers and Ball Gowns said...

Here is my link!

Signature Laurel said...

here's my link! I made a special T_shirt for this event!!!

blue china studio said...

Part 3! Hope to see you soon!


Anna @ Frosted Petunias said...

Oh my goodness! I think I'm getting a little tipsy on my broomstick! Can I say again that all you guys are SO AMAZING!!! I think I'm getting a little sugar rush from all that chocolate cake. I was over at my friend Marfi's place and ate waaay tooo much cake! Don't miss her beautiful giveaway BTW! I will try to visit every single one of you. It might take me the rest of the year but I so appreciate all the work you guys put into your posts. I don't want to miss any of them...Ok Luna, get our broom ready...we're off again!!


you can call me Tawny.... said...

The giveaways have started!!

Grab your brooms & head on over!

Incipient Wings said...

We still have some cake left!!!! Drop by if you please!

Justina said...

This is truly AMAZING ! I can't believe the attendance !!! I have been at work all morning, so I haven't been able to sit down a visit all the magick just yet ! It might take at least 2 weeks to get to each and every blog !! But it will be a goal of mine, because you have all been SOOOOO SOOOOO wonderful to Anna and I , and we couldn't be more grateful for our new witchy crafty (hahhah no pun intended!) friends..... I can't wait to stop by all of your posts!

sheree said...

Hi Ladies, I would invite you over to 'clean house' but I dont have enough brooms, instead you can just check out my post and hopefully fly off with one of my give aways.
love this party

Raven Moon Magic


The Ice Princess said...

Well, I just got my post done.
Hope that I'm doing this perma link thing right. If not...no worries, my blog is new and I've only made a couple of posts. Fly safely!!!!!

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

This was so much fun! Thank you for the party idea!
My post is super fun and i had a blast! This is a witch party with a twist!



Pamela Sweet said...

Curses! It took me far too long to get my post up but it's up! I hope to see you!


Celia said...

Here's the link to my party


See you all soon!

Gingerbread Goddess said...

New to this blogging and blog! Hope everyone is having a wonderful time. I'm off to peek around a bit. Ta! xx

Amanda said...

Totally love this! Having fun flying over everyone's entries. Much love!


Kat the hat lady! said...

Thank you for a wonderful party, sorry to anyone I didn't get round to visiting today. Thank you to all of you who have visited my blog page and left a comment. Please come back and visit me again some time, on my blog it's Halloween all year round. Kat http://katthehatlady.blogspot.com/

Cellar Door said...

Please forgive? I forgot to include a link to me in my first comment:



Katy Cameron said...

So sorry, work intervened and made me late, but here's part one of my party.


Part 2 will be tomorrow when I'm more alert (as it's 1:40 am here!)

Will check everyone else's out then too, seems like a good way to spend a Sunday relaxing :o)

Pan said...

What a great time you have had! Wonderful idea; I never realised witches have so much fun, I must sort out my little witch and join in next time! :-)

Mother's Moon's Message said...

a wonderful time was had by all... I am sure....


Aimee Jeffries said...

What a great Blog Party, I'm off to visit all of the wonderful blogs!


Wendy said...

Hey Miss Anna and Miss Justina,

I am on my way. The broom is juiced up and ready to do some fly bys. What a wonderful party and so many magical things to see. I might have to stop the clock for the next week to make it to everyones, so I am on my way now.
Luv you girls,
Spells and wishes,
Wendy from Wonderland

~Onreeone~ said...


I know I'm late in adding the link but today, well yesterday now has been crazy. One daughter home from college, one son going to Homecoming, youngest son turned 14 today, and we had a breakfast this morning for all the fall sports kids, then started in with Homecoming around 11:00, small break where some family came by to visit the birthday boy and the college girl, then off to play some JFL (8th) grade in the cold and pouring down rain. I was cold, cranky, and just wanted sleep. But now its 4 am and I'm awake. I've enjoyed thus far the many blogs I've gotten too. Thank you so much ladies for hosting this blog party. It's been practically magic!

Susan's crafty chaos said...

I'm still visiting and commenting, such beauty on every page :)
Kathy Jacobson, I love your Book of Shadows pages, but every time I try to leave a comment I get a message saying "We're sorry, we cannot accept that data" So I just wanted to let you know here that your work is wonderful :)

Gingerbread Goddess said...

I was visiting the party a bit last night, but my son got sick so I'm making the rounds a bit late. Yes, I am one of those that doesn't know when to leave when she is having such a good time. I hope you don't mind my popping in, eh fashionably late? I won't make a mess!! I'm just loving this so much. Thank you for thinking of it, hosting it and for all those attending!! I'm gushing. Sorry. What a blessed kick off of Fall. My heart is so happy!

mercedes said...

I was SO late posting for the party! But I'm here now... had a great time late last night visiting some witches.... please stop by http://mercedesscott.typepad.com to see my tribute to Sally and Gillian.
:) mercedes

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,
I was too late too, because of a family party, but my post is up at:


I hope to see you there ; )
Have a great day.

Ozma of Odds said...

...WOW!!! I sure hope I have enough magically gas in my enchanted broom! ~ As there alot of margarita's to taste!!!
Here's my party post:

magically deliciously, Rosemary

Suzan Donnelly said...

I have a post to display on my blog that I worked pretty hard on for the party, yet I am new to blogging and can't for the life of me figure out how to post it!!!

Enjoyed the sites visited for this great gathering of woman!

Blessings to All

Annabelle said...

Sorry for being late, just had a terrible week of bad drug reactions (ratio-oxycocet) after having a molar tooth extracted...looking a bit like a toothless Witch.....heheI Anyway, after losing moment on the party, spending two entire days in bed I have finally posted for the occasion and will be heading out tonight. Thanks Anna and Justina for hosting the party.Oh, I also have a free screen saver I designed to remember this blog party for anyone who would like it. You all have a Magical Ball ~^..^~
xxxooo Annabelle

Annabelle said...

Oh, I forgot to leave my party post link


Michelle Cummings said...

sorry I'm a day late!...here is my party, I hope you "fly" by!

You can call me Tawny.... said...

its the last blog party giveaway!!

grab your brooms for one last trip!!

You can call me Tawny.... said...

its the last blog party giveaway!!

grab your brooms for one last trip!!

Susan said...

Hello, I am barely through this list LOL, I am thinking maybe others also, are having a long time of it, so I am probably going to extend my "drawing" date by a couple of days...anyway to let everyone know that??

Also want to share a list (so far) of blogs with no PM post:
50 is the new 40
A Witch's daily
Aaremin's table
Abi monroe
Adventures of an Innkeeper
Artwork by deanna
Be Verdant
Behind Persephone's door
bringing up salamanders
canon photto lover
Christina Alessi

and this one is a broken link: Catherine the Kitchen witch

Thanks, Susan (pieces of Fate)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I am late for the party. I have been in Washington state visiting the quaint town of Coupeville. This is the little village where Practical Magic was filmed. I hope you will stop by for a visit. I want to share the magic of this place with you.


Kelli said...

I posted my link above, but just wanted to pop in and say that I am slowly but surely getting through the list! Thanks to all who have visitied so far!!!

Sharon said...

(Blush) I posted Chocolate for Breakfast! on Friday but I was so busy partying at other people's, I forgot to come over here and tell you about mine!

D.Suplicki said...

I've just returned from vacation and while I had my post up on time, have been lax about sharing my link and visiting everyone else. :( I'm off to enjoy the other party posts, but here is the link to mine...


Sue said...

How on earth did I miss out on this most wonderful blog party? Practical Magic is one of my most favorite movies - I even designed my garden based on the one from the movie (picket fence and all!) I'm just getting ready to decorate for October, but I do have pics from last year posted on my blog (under the decorating heading - entry titled "there are witches in the air" I can't wait to put on my witchy black shoes and celebrate the season. Off to check out some of these fabulous links!


im zoe said...

i would love if you would check out my practical magic post, enjoy and blessed bee


Kim said...

The circle is cast at....


Thanks so much to Anna & Justina for a fabulous blog party! xoxo

Kim said...

The circle is cast at....


Thanks so much to Anna & Justina for a fabulous blog party! xoxo

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for having a wonderful Party!

Gentle hugs...

Elizabeth Barczynski said...

Okay, I am breathless! I finally finished every last post. What an inspired party idea. If I haven't already told you...here it is Thank You for hosting, inspiring, creating this amazingly designed entry page. Ladies, I had such a rockin' time :) Elizabeth


Susan said...

Just like to say I am still visiting...I am now on the "O's", LOL there were many that did not follow through, so disappointing. I am also disappointed at the very few playing my games, after going out and spending money on prizes.

I want to thank you gals for your hard work!! I am loving this :)

I MAY join the Tea party, right now there is a tentative family event, so we'll see.
I will say if I do, that I might share something like images or something else downloadable, but I will not be spending money on giveaways.

For anyone taking part in the "Magical & Perfectly Enchanted Halloween party (blog) on 10/16 I also have a giveaway already purchased for that hop.

I'll come back and post again when I make it through the list.

OH...you might want to remind participants in the future that ARE doing giveaways to give at least a week's time, when there are so many blogs. Many only gave 24-48 hours. Quite sad. Do you all participate in ONE WORLD ONE HEART? that is the hugest blog party I have ever seen. That is where I learned
#1...about blogging
#2...how annoying word verification is
#3...the best way to do giveaways (allowing time etc)
#4...the worst way to do giveaways, LOL

Thanks again for all the hard work and fun...Hope we do this again next year (my wheels are already turning)

Peace n love,

Kat the hat lady! said...

Just want to say thank you to all of you who visited and are still visiting my blog site. I have been ill this week so I apologise for any of you I misssed. I will try and get round you all if I can. I am hosting a online party the week of Halloween so please pop by if you can. Details will be posted on my blog next week :-) Kat


MagickMoonSoapWurks said...

Thank you so much to everyone that read my entry - for your words of hope, love and encouragement.

I'm still trying to get through everyone's blogs and their entries.

What a fabulous idea - this should honestly be an annual event. I loved participating.


Aurora MoonMaiden said...

I'm happy to announce that I have finally been able to get my post uploaded.

I hope you enjoy xxx


Aurora MoonMaiden said...

I'm happy to announce that I have finally been able to get my post uploaded.

I hope you enjoy xxx


Susan said...

I have finally finished getting through the list! thanks again for a terrific party, hope we do it again next year!! I may be joining the moonlight tea party I am waiting to either confirm or not confirm a family event (possibly) if not then I'll be a part of the party!


Aelwyn said...

You got an award! :)


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thank you for your kind comment on my blog during the Practical Magic Blog Party even though I was in the process of moving.

I'm so glad you two had this party even though I ended up being late for it. I love the movie so much and the ideas within it. Thank you again for the wonderful time. I've enjoyed getting caught back up with everyone that came by my blog.

Happy Halloween & Magical Blessings